It's time for a new America. It's time for #AllofUs.

Tell Democrats: Resist Trump or #WeWillReplaceYou.

We will organize a political revolution to make America a real democracy.

We cannot overestimate the magnitude of the threat Donald Trump’s presidency poses to our communities and our democracy. What he’s promised will wreck havoc on the economy, destroy millions of families and threaten the future of life on earth.

Millions of us know our communities and our country will come under attack by the Trump administration. But, we go forth with the knowledge that our ancestors overcame tyrants who targeted us and neighbors who diminished our humanity.

And now, we are called upon to lead this fight for the soul of our country. No matter how our families arrived here—in steamboats or slave ships, through ancient ancestry or over the Rio Grande—this is the place we all call home. In this time of crisis, we are called upon to struggle together for the dignity and freedom of all of us.

Many of us have been told we don’t belong here, or this country is not for us. But we are the ones who will fulfill the founding promise of America. We are not united by shared ancestry, but by a shared destiny. We come from many places, but we will become one people.

The Democratic Party establishment won’t provide the leadership America needs. They could not stop Trump, and they can’t be counted on to defend us from him. They have made themselves the defenders of a failed status quo. The party needs new leadership that can actually speak to the people and fight with all of us.

Trump only succeeded in scapegoating people of color because the Democratic Party establishment chose Wall Street and the billionaires over working people. And now that Trump’s presidency looms, with our lives and our future on the line, the same Democrats are failing once again, by refusing to mount a serious opposition to Trump’s agenda of hate and greed.

The only way to stop Trump now, and defeat the ruling class in 2018 and 2020 and beyond, is by telling the truth about our broken system and placing the blame where it belongs—with Wall Street and corporate CEOs, the politicians who use racism to divide us, and a corrupt political establishment in both parties.

We will run candidates who understand the struggles of our communities who will stand with working people. We refuse to allow racists and a corrupt ruling class to continue destroying our country. We will organize a political revolution to make America a real, democracy for the first time in our history – where all of us have what we need to thrive.

The new America we create together will not be rooted in the hatred of racism or the greed of corporate capitalism, but in the love of family and community. We will create a new America, an America that can finally live up to its highest ideals: an America for all of us.

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We refuse to allow Donald Trump and a corrupt ruling class to divide us and destroy our country. We will organize a democratic revolution to make America a real, multi-racial democracy for the first time in our history. Help us make that possible.